What are some of the Symptoms and Causes of Poor Circulation?

There are many different types of symptoms which can indicate poor circulation. Apart from the discomfort a person may feel each day, there are potentially more serious consequences, so it is important to look into this properly. Here's more information:

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What is poor circulation?
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What are the Symptoms of Poor Circulation?
What Causes Poor Circulation?
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How to treat Poor and Bad Circulation
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There are even more symptoms than these mentioned here, but some of the most common ones include the following:

Chillblains can be a very common problem and
this is something that can be resolved.

  • Cold feet and toes - not just in winter time
  • Cold hands and fingers
  • Feeling numb in certain parts of the body especially the extremities
  • Feeling tired or having a lack of energy much of the time
  • Some hair loss can be because of bad blood flow
  • Having regular dizzy spells
  • If your skin gets dry even though you drink plenty of water
  • Swelling and water retention - especially in the feet
  • Lumps in blood vessels and varicose veins
  • Some headaches can be due to this
  • Cramps and pins and needles
  • Feeling short of breath at times
  • Blotches and blemishes in the skin
  • Poor blood flow to the brain may affect memory

Are there any common causes of poor circulation?

Though not as common as it used to be, smoking is a sure fire reason for this. It may not be easy, but you should quit.

Years and years of no exercise can lead to bad circulation. It doesn't happen overnight but usually creeps up on a person. However, you can improve things fairly quickly if you DO something about it.

Eating too much junk food which usually leads to being overweight is also a prime reason. Start making some lifestyle changes. Even little ones at first can lead to quick improvements.

Too much junk food
Over time, a bad diet can affect
how well blood flows around your body.

Work related issues, such as sitting too long at a computer for years can cause these problems. Especially if you don't take regular breaks or exercise a few times a week.

Give yourself a few minutes off every couple of hours. This can really help loosen up your muscles and get things moving a little.

Move your body! Even a gentle
little stretch can stimulate the body.

Get more information about poor circulation on these other pages. They only take a few minutes to read and hopefully you will find some tips you can use straight away.

You can do something about it, but you do have to make some effort and stay focused. It will be worth it and you should start to notice some changes quite quickly and you should start to feel more energetic and have less discomfort:

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Don't put up with it - Take action

Having this problem can be very frustrating. It can vary from a constant nagging ache, or it can occur only at certain times. Everyone can experience this issue differently.

However, it is not a condition that needs to remain. You CAN do something about it. Most people just put up with it, or take a drug to deal with it (usually with side-effects or further complications).

Sometimes, the right course of action is to do a combination of things, which together finally help overcome this issue. Here is another helper which has proven to be very popular: