How To Improve Your Poor Circulation

Poor circulation can be very unpleasant. It can occur in men, women and children. If it isn't handled, it can lead to a lifetime of discomfort and even more serious problems. There are things you can do to help and even cure this problem. Read on:

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What is poor circulation?
Who can be affected? Adults, children, babies?
Can pregnant women be affected?
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What are the Symptoms of Poor Circulation?
What Causes Poor Circulation?
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How to treat Poor and Bad Circulation
Natural ways to improve things
More tips to help with circulation problems
Page 4: The Circulation Formula

Introduction - What is Poor Circulation?

Problems start once blood flow become restricted to certain parts of the body. Often people notice it at the extremities of the body such as the toes or fingers. However, it can affect everywhere.

One common cause is a build up of plaque on the insides of the blood vessels and capillaries.

Normal and abnormal arteries
Plaque build up inside blood vessels
can cause lots of problems.

This is usually caused by fat build-up on the inner cell walls.

In mild situations this can just cause a little discomfort. However, if it worsens it can become rather serious.

Some of these more serious conditions can be high blood pressure, heart problems, hypertension, organ damage, strokes, varicose veins, kidney issues, and other blood restriction difficulties which may arise.

As well as these "diseases" or potentially life threatening problems, there is also the more mundane problems caused by poor circulation. One that is not often mentioned by specialists is the simple day to day living of eating food and getting your body to properly process its basic nutrition requirements.

The blood circulation system is the prime method of getting needed nutrients to the cells of the body. If blood flow in an area is poor then the cells will find it very difficult to get all of the food nutrients and energy they need to absorb to enable the body to operate in a healthy manner.

Who can be affected? The answer is everyone - Adults, Children and even Babies!

Bad circulation normally affects adults but there can be problems that affect children and babies.

In these instances it is usually not down to lifestyle or poor diet etc. Unless of course we are talking about older children whose diet has been full of junk food etc.

Usually for small babies it may be a case of emergency surgical treatment that is necessary.

In most cases in adults, a major cause of poor circulation has been lifestyle and lack of exercise and too much fatty and sugary foods.

Pregnancy can upset the normal blood flow of the body

As a baby grows it can put many demands on the mother's body. Many of the nutrients a mother consumes are used by the baby in the womb. It is almost like the baby takes everything it needs, even if this is at a cost to the mother.

Blood vessels in the body
The number of blood vessels, veins
and arteries in the body is huge.

It is then up to the mother to make sure she does everything she can to maintain optimum nutrition and tries to keep her body moving around a little more than normal. This doesn't mean running a marathon, but certainly taking some gentle walks and perhaps doing some stretching and massaging aching body parts.

If aches and pains are severe then medical assistance should be sought. But in many cases by making a conscious effort to keep the blood moving around the body a lot of discomfort can be lessened.

A popular way to support good blood flow for both mother and baby during pregnancy is some gentle swimming and underwater exercises. The water of the pool can help to keep excess weight off the joints and can help mum to be to relax whilst getting needed exercise.

This can be good for both mother and baby.

Read more about circulation and how you can improve it yourself on the following pages:

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Poor Circulation can occur at any time of year.

Reduced blood flow is often associated with winter time. But in fact it happens at all times. Sometimes you may not notice it as much in the warmer months, but a great strategy is to work on improving it all year round. This will help strengthen your body now and help minimise difficulties in the colder months. This is why we are running a special offer on our Circulation Formula supplement. This is the original and genuine formula made famous by us.

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Wintertime and the move into Spring, is often the time when most people notice the effects of bad circulation, but by boosting circulation now, you could dramatically improve things so you aren't as badly affected in the future.

As well as considering some of the steps you can take mentioned on this website, we believe the body can be assisted by using the four well known herbs, Cayenne, Ginger, Ginkgo Biloba and Garlic.

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